Before You Plant

If your seedling has bare roots, soaking the roots overnight in a container will add freshness to them.

Where To Plant

Find a place to plant that will have enough space and light for your tree to grow.

Remember your tree needs room to grow above the ground and below the ground.

What kind of tree are you planting? Will there be enough room for it to grow to full size?

Are there wires over head or wires and pipes below it? Call your local utilities to find out.

Are you planting near a road?

Do you want it to shade a house or garden?

Is its new home wet? Dry? Sunny? Shady?

(A local nursery or Forester can help you with these questions.)

Planting A Seedling Outdoors

Dig a hole that is deep enough and wide enough for the roots to spread out. Make a small mound of soil in the center of the hole.

Your seedling should be placed in the hole on the small soil mound. Its root collar should be just below the edge of the hole. The roots should be spread out over the center of the mound. (The root collar is where the roots and stem come together.)

Toss some soil into the hole and add water. This will help prevent air spaces.

Fill the hole with the rest of the soil until it is even with the ground level. Be sure the seedling does not settle into the hole too deeply. Carefully pull it up to meet the ground level.

Press the soil down with your hands or feet to be sure there are no air pockets left in the hole.

You can make a small hill of earth all around your seedling. It is called a berm. It will catch and hold water.

Grow Tree Grow!

You can mark the place where your seedling is planted by placing a small flag or marker (about 10" tall) nearby.

You can make your flag with a small wooden stick or dowel (a garden marker.) Add a picture of what your tree will look like when it is grown or choose a picture of your favorite Treeture to keep your seedling company. Have your flag or marker laminated (cover with a small baggie tied to its stick or cover the surface with clear tape.) The flag or marker will be a reminder to protect your seedling from lawn mowers, feet and pets.

Be sure that you water, mulch and weed around your seedling.

Planting Your Seedling Indoors

Find a container that is as deep as 8 inches or larger. Place some small stones in the bottom of the pot and add a small amount of soil.

Place the seedling in the container and fill container with soil until the root collar is covered.

Press soil down to remove air pockets.

Keep potted seedling in a sunny room.

Be sure that your seedling stays moist – don’t forget to water it!

When the weather is warm enough, transplant the seedling outside to its new home.