Dynamic Duo

Treetures on
Tim's Trail of Trees

When Tim Womick hits the road on one of his many educational tours, he often travels with some of his smaller friends, the Treetures. For instance, Sprig and Blossom are regular attendees at many of the Trail of Trees tree planting and educational events. The Treetures also make special appearances at elementary schools where Tim is performing from Kansas to Florida. Tim uses elements of the Treeture program such as Treeture costumes and educational materials to reinforce his message of tree care and stewardship. This partnership is especially effective with younger audiences who respond so positively to the Treeture family.

The Treeture Educational Program and the Trail of Trees program are strong partners. The Treeture characters add a magical and festive atmosphere to many earth and tree celebration events across the country.

Trail of Trees Program
Tim Womick is often referred to as the modern-day Johnny Appleseed because like the original 18th century tree advocate, John Chapman, Tim has for well over a decade roamed across America (as well as through a few foreign countries) planting trees at schools, parks and other places, while also planting seeds of thought in the minds of those he meets.

Tim’s fast paced and highly animated
Trail of Trees is really a “Tale of Trees,” educating people of all ages about the importance of trees, their value to a community’s well being and their own human potential. Through this dynamic and interactive hour-long program, those gathered are exposed to an array of tree magic, both contrived and natural, from the air we breathe to the foods we eat.

Lessons are taught with props as diverse as a large African drum, an abacus, a rayon dress and a squirt bottle. A bird’s nest could wind up atop someone’s head while another is sporting dark sunglasses and sings like Elvis. Folks in attendance laugh while they learn. If appropriate, a tree is planted following the program.


Audiences are challenged to think about the trees and where they live. It is suggested that later they keep a journal focusing on a certain tree, or speak to others about what they think of trees, opening doors to understanding about our fragile environmental footing and the vital role trees play in sustaining that footing.

The objective is to lead people toward a path to better themselves and their communities.

For more information about Tim Womick’s Trail of Trees Program and arrangements to invite Tim to perform in your community contact Tim or Tim and a Treeture at:

E-mail: Appleseedz@earthlink.net
Phone: 336.653.1051

Write: 1087 Camden Ct., Asheboro, NC 27203


Please Note: Tim will perform in elementary schools, middle schools and high schools. His material is adapted for each age group. He performs with the Treeture characters when appropriate for the age range. Special arrangements can be made to include a Treeture costume character in the performance.