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Thank you for your interest in the Treetures Environmental Education Program! Being a Treeture Teacher means understanding the need for trees, how they function and teaching that message to others.

Tiwigs About TreeturesWhat are Treetures?

The Treeture characters are whimsical illustrated creatures that guide children, PreK-3 and 4-6 through discovery activities that are developmentally appropriate and scientifically accurate. The Treeture characters help children learn all about the way a tree functions and how important trees, plant life, birds, animals, and insects are to keeping our Earth healthy. They compose a community of characters that are dedicated to tree planting, tree care and teaching the value of trees to our children. Just meeting the Treeture characters and learning their names and jobs begins the process of teaching a child how trees function.

Treetures® represent an environmental education effort with a direct focus on trees. They are a community of whimsical characters that are dedicated to carrying the message of tree planting and care. The Program promotes activities held throughout the country that combine environmental education with entertainment for children PreK-3, 4-6, as well as for anyone with a “GREEN HEART®”. By learning the names and jobs of the Treeture characters, children learn how a tree functions!

Twigs with BabiesEach Treeture character personifies a scientific concept. For example: Rootie and Roothie, The Rooters, teach children about water, nutrients and mineral absorption; Autumn, A Leaf Turner, helps leaves reveal their true colors in the fall; and Humus, the Super Compost Chef, shows us that “Everyone needs a good sense of Humus.”

Treetures are mnemonic devices. When a junior high school student learns about photosynthesis, they will remember when they met the Treetures, Chlorophyll and Chlorophyllis. Capillary action will bring to mind Phloemina and her Xylemphone. Treeture activities use fantasy to introduce science. One of the missions of Treetures is to help each child find their “GREEN HEART", a "Treetures Green Heart®”.

What does the Treetures Program Offer to Teachers, Parents and Environmental Educators?

The program offers activity guides, a coloring book, 300 page website, science story books, tree planting guides, and the opportunity to have a Treeture character visit your school or community event. The Program is offered to schools and approved environmental events.*Blossom HI-Five

The Treetures Activity Guide, Growing Together with the Treetures, contains activities that are correlated with Benchmarks For Science Literacy, the national recommended standards for math, science, and technology suggested by The American Association For The Advancement of Science.

Why use the Treetures in your classroom?

Treetures speak to children on their level. They are exciting and lovable; children become enamored with Treetures and listen intently to the information they impart. The Treeture Program offers activities that cover concepts such as capillary action, transpiration, and ecological interdependence. It also includes activities that reinforce skills such as spatial relations, measurement, sequence, and decision-making. Supplementing your curriculum with Treeture activities will add the “little extra” needed to make your lessons and classroom special. Each activity includes background information for the teacher as well as procedures and resources.

PalisadesPreSchoolScience is a process, the process of becoming aware of oneself, others, and the environment. Children learn through their senses and personal experiences. The Treeture Program is a vehicle for children to delve into the natural world. In a “nutshell” the Treeture Program helps instill a positive environmental ethic and offers students the opportunity to realize how important they are in determining the future of their world.

Treetures Background History

Treetures were created by Judith Hope Blau who is a children’s book author and children’s product designer. Working collaboratively for over 25 years with many partnerships, The Treetures Environmental Education Program developed into a quality, hands-on educational program for elementary schools and community environmental educators.

Treetures Program Goals

The goal of the program is to offer material that is simple, concise, and accurate. Interest in the natural world is piqued as students are introduced to forest friends. Children learn the social, economic, and environmental value of trees while participating in activities that are motivating and enriching. Each child learns what their role is and how personal actions and decisions influence the environment.

Earning ones Green Heart is incentive to help a child discover their connection to the treasures that grow and live on Earth.

The Treetures slogan, “Because of Me, There Grows a Tree” expresses the hope that each child will be inspired to do his/her share by adding the gift of a tree to our Earth.

Who Supports and/or Partners with Treetures?

Treetures reflect the past and present support, expertise and encouragement of government agencies and non-profit organizations like: USDA Forest Service; The United Nations Environment Programme; The Britton Fund, TreeeCircus, Western Chapter of International Society of Arboriculture, Alliance for Community Trees and American the Beautiful Fund; TREE Fund and National Tree Trust. Corporate support from tree care companies, Almstead Tree Care and Davey Tree Care Companies and many Forestry Councils,like Florida's Urban and Community Forest Council — have been important in helping Treetures send its message of tree care and tree planting to our youth.

Since each Treeture represents a different aspect of tree growth and care, learning the language of the trees is exciting and challenging! Watch for new Treeture messages and materials. We are decoding them as soon as they are TREE-Mailed to us from the Treetures.

*Please note: Use of the costume(s) must be approved by the Treetures Environmental Education Program and is free of charge in some cases; however, there is a costume shipping charge that varies with the location of the event and there is a cleaning or repair fee as well. P.T.A. or other sponsors can underwrite the Treetures Program for your community.

Contact Information

“Tree Mail” treeture@aol.com if you are interested in the Treeture Program for your school or community.