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Script for Treetures® Introduction


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Deep in the magic of a forest, there is a great oak tree. On this oak, there live tiny animals called Treetures. They hide inside their acorn nutshelters. Each little Treeture has a special job to do to help take care of his home in the oak tree.

Some Treetures watch over the new baby leaves that grow each spring.
(Baby Bud and Baby Bloom)

Some care for the bark, while others encourage the roots to grow!
(Doc Barkley, Rootie and Roothie)

There are Treetures that direct the sunlight to the leaves so they will turn summer green.
(Chlorophyll and Chlorophyllis)

And there are Treetures who prune the tree. Some very brave Treetures protect the tree from insects and disease.
(Clipper, Bugsey)

The Treetures' most important job is to help plant seeds so that new trees will grow. Trees are necessary to all life on our planet.

And did you know that when a Treeture is not on a tree and scampering about, its tail is a furry woodland tail, to keep his presence a secret, but when a Treeture is visiting a tree or is at home in a White Oak tree, the tail is the leaf of that tree!! We never know where a Treeture is visiting sleeping or hiding? (a secret between the young audience and Treetures!)

I said that Treetures are very tiny, maybe 2 or 3 inches tall, but that's not always true. Sometimes, when Treetures hear that a tree is being planted, they celebrate by growing big enough to help and join the festivities. The Treetures are especially happy when children join the tree planting party.

Today is ________________, and the Town of_______________is planting a ________________ tree. There are lots of children here too! Don't you think this is the perfect time for a Treeture to grow big enough for us to see? Maybe if we say these magic words, "If everyone plants just one tree we'll all have forests from sea to sea." A Treeture will appear!


Treetures are shy. They don't speak to us directly but they do whisper and write their messages on leaves. Let's see what this Treeture has to say...


This Treeture's name is _______________ and he/she is a volunteer of the USDA Forest Service. When_______________ heard that we were planting a ______________tree, he/she could not resist coming to _________________to be with us. ______________is now big enough to meet people and help plant a baby tree. _______________ has been traveling all over the United States planting trees this year.


He/She wants you to know that as a Treeture Teacher, he/she is here to help teach you the tree messages. He/She is going to give you messages about the gifts trees give to us.

________________ wants to know if you know why trees are so important.
What gifts do they give us?

This script can be modified to create a Treetures finger puppet show using the material that can be printed from the Treetures site.