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Treetures® Press Release

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Event Name: _________________________

Date & Time: _________________________

Contact Person: _______________________

Phone Number: _______________________

For the _________________ celebration, ________________ will host a tree planting ceremony at ____________________ with the help of the furry costume Treeture characters. The Treeture Educational Program is a national children's tree planting and care program created by Judith H. Blau.

The USDA Forest Service has helped support the mission of the Treetures Environmental Education Program.

_____________________ will sponsor the appearance of the Treetures and material from the program.

Treetures are tiny, whimsical fantasy characters that represent the spirit of the trees. By knowing the Treeture's names and jobs, children learn the functions and values of trees. Normally, Treetures are two-inches tall but when they hear that a tree is being planted, they celebrate by growing big enough to help and join the festivities.

If you would like to receive additional information about the Treeture program, E-mail Treeture@aol.com.