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Treetures® Costume Instructions

Treeture character costumes may be available for your tree-related event. E-mail Treeture@aol.com for more information.


Costume Wearing  Instructions PDF

Costume wearers should:

Be no taller than 5'6"

Wear t-shirt, shorts, dark socks, have a towel and perhaps a head-band since it is warm in costume.

Take a break every 20 minutes and be sure to hydrate often if it is a warm day.

Change where children cannot see costume incompletely worn.

When performance is over, costumes should be aired out in safe place and all parts counted -- then carefully packed with instructions to be shipped to next destination.

Note: Please check for damage and notify us of losses or problems so that the costume can be returned to us for repairs or cleaning instead of going to another group in disrepair.

Procedure for Dressing Treeture
Costume Wearers

(Note: Assistance is needed to put on costume)

Refrigerate ice pack vest over night.
Put on ice pack vest.
Remove shoes.
Step into body of costume.
Step into pants.
Before pulling pants up, have help
pushing tail through opening in back of pants.

Once tail is through opening, pull pants up over tummy hoops.
Straps can be crossed over, if necessary.
Snap on buttons.
Snap seed bag onto shoulder (wear across body).
Put on feet.
Put on head-adjust inside straps, if you wish. 

Woodland Tails and Leaf Tails…(explanation)

About Treetures and their magical tails: And so the story goes…when a Treeture is not on a tree and scampering about, it’s tail is a furry woodland tail, to keep his presence a secret, but when a Treeture is visiting a tree or is at home in a White Oak tree, the tail is the leaf of that tree!! We never know where a Treeture is visiting sleeping or hiding? Shhh…its a secret!

Leaf Tails Costume Wearing Instructions:
Follow general instructions for costume wearer, but the tail will be attached after the costume is in place. A leaf tail is made of a lightweight materia . It can be attached through the opening located in the back of each individual Treeture, where the fasteners are at the opening of the clothing. The locations vary based on the outfit the character is wearing.