What Is Riding For Research and
How Did It Begin? 

A small group of tree-loving cyclists realized, many years ago, how important tree research was to keeping trees on earth healthy as more and more towns and cities began using green space for building homes and communities with less and less space for trees to grow and give us their special gifts. 

Soon so many riders were touring the country and other countries that an organization called The Tree Fund was created.

Sponsors from companies contributed to the tours, along with riders. Enthusiastic riders joined the trips each year, especially the Treetureís friend, Environmental Entertainer, Tim Womick on his Trail of Trees and today, with his TreeCircus

Tim and Professor Arbor E.Tum, the TreeSearch Scientist, stopped along the way to entertain and teach kids about the gifts of trees and show off his teamís tree climbing talents. Sometimes Sprig, the Treedom Fighter, Professor Vinca Vinestein, TreeSearch Scientist, and other Treetures joined them.

Professor Arbor E. Tumís adventures continued with the addition of exciting Britton Fund Ride, beginning in 2012!  

People from all over the country volunteer to ride their bicycles through different parts of the United States and sometimes in other countries too. Some trips are 500 miles long. 

Treetures have visited many states in the USA. They have also traveled to British Columbia, Canada, Haiti and England. They carry the message of tree care and tree planting wherever they go.
Professor Arbor E. Tum is proud of all the good people he rode and worked with and how they planted trees and raised money to help tree research scientists find ways to make trees grow stronger and healthier in urban forests. 

Some tour fundraisers are and were, Britton Fund Ride, ISA, WISA, The Tree Fund, STIHL for Tour des Trees, Davey Tree Expert Company and National Tree Trust.

The cyclers earned their Treetures Green Hearts riding for research!
Good Luck to all the future riders!

The 2011 Tour kicked off with a 30-mile, 1-day Ride for Research in Virginia Beach, Virginia on October 2, then headed west to Williamsburg, Richmond, Charlottesville and the Appalachians. Seven days and 500 miles later the Tour ended with an awesome entrance into Washington DC on October 8. It was a week of cycling, spectacular autumn scenery and fun in the company of the "Family TREE."

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