2009 Central Park, NYC STIHL Tour des Trees Event
for Tree Fund's Tree Research Program

Treetures, sponsored by Davey Tree Expert Company, join
America's Largest Fundraiser for Tree Research!

Photo Elaine Mattern

Chad Brey, world class tree climbing champion leads the Treetures, Professor Arbor E. Tum, Blossom, Chlorophyllis, Steward and Humus in a conga line dance to the
drum beat of Tim Womick, environmental entertainer!

Thank you to Lori Teitz, Anna Kowalczuk, Joe Blau, Ethan Paul, Rachel and Gina!

Photo Laura Leech

Steward the Street Treeture, P. Allen Smith, Garden Home shows and Today Show TV celebrity with Judith H. Blau celebrating the 2009 STIHL Tour des Trees 500 mile bicycle ride for tree research in NYC, Central Park.

Thank you to Joe Blau from Steward.

Westchester Community College, New York
2009  STIHL Tour des Trees tree planting!

Elaine Mattern/Davey Tree Expert Co.

Environmental Entertainer, Tim Womick with Professor Arbor E. Tum and eight year old Rebecca help plant a tree. Rebecca receives a Treetures "Welcome Spring" science story book to learn how to earn her "Green Heart"!