Treeture Lesson Plans

Twigs. . .he’s a Treeture Teacher
Treeture Teachers are young and elderly Treetures wise enough to instruct baby Treetures on how to care for the forest life.

Sprig. . .he’s a Treedom Fighter
Treedom Fighters work to keep our forests safe and healthy. They protect old forests and help to grow new ones.

Blossom. . .she's a Tree Twirler
Tree Twirlers help the wind spread tree pollen so baby trees can be born.

Mama Greenleaf. . .she’s a Keeper of the Crown
Keepers of the Crown watch over the newborn leaves that crown the trees and grow at the tips of the branches.

Autumn. . .she’s a Leaf Turner
Leaf Turners help the leaves turn colors in the fall. They also help other Treetures when they are in trouble…to turn over new leaves.

Roothie and Rootie. . .are Rooters
Rooters care for the tree roots and encourage them to grow. They are cheerleaders at splinter sprinting games.

Blanch. . .she’s a Branch Broker
Branch Brokers help forest birds and animals find just the right home in trees. They even settle squabbles between neighbors and help run the Bed and Branch Hotels in older trees that no longer makes leaves.

Ester and Harve. . .they are Harvesters
Harvesters make products out of wood. They help plant new trees where grown trees have been cut down.

Stomper. . .he’s a Compost Master
Compost Masters help collect and direct junk leaves and debris to trees and soil where "tree food" is needed. They also create and deliver "Treeture Leaflet" messages.

Ring-A-Ling. . .he’s a Ring Counter
Ring Counters keep track of the age of trees and the Treetures’ birthdays...they ring in each new year!

Steward. . .he's a Street Treeture
Street Treetures, Streetures, as they like to be called, protect the trees that grow on streets. Every street tree needs a Steward.

Baby Bloom Baby Bud
They watch over the flowers and veggies that grow in gardens that are planted near trees.

The Mud Meister. . .he’s a Soil Spoiler
Soil Spoilers like polluted places, landslides and stagnant water. Treetures try to trick them into becoming Soil Toilers who strive to fight erosion and replenish the land with healthy soil.

Fun Gus. . .he’s a Mushroominator
Mushroominators can be killers when they "hang out" on healthy trees. The Treetures try to lure them to tree stumps and dead branches where they can help do the important job of decomposing. It’s important to learn the difference between friendly mushrooms and Mushroominators.

Humus. . .he’s a Dirt Dumper
Dirt Dumpers enjoy eating tender roots, leaves and vegetation. They like to toss a trail of leftover "garbage" everywhere they go. The Treetures try to tease them into being in just the right places where the soil needs to be enriched.